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Welcome to the Metro Nightclub!


~~~Under Destruction~~~

Metro Diner is a bar and grill. (Don't you hate it when people hafta add 'e' to grill or point or other words to be hoity-toity?) A bar and grill is a place where they serve booze and food. People dance. Sometimes bands play. Bars are fun.


We're gonna (hopefully) have the baddest ass BBQ in town. Badder than the stuff on the street corner. Tear you up kinda stuff. (Mild too, for you lightweights). Check out our menu!


We have room for 276 happy people, a dance floor that's HUGE with a laser light show, a complete video-based dance/sound system and some free public internet terminals for our net-addicted friends. We're also a wireless hotspot ... so you can bring your laptop and surf while you hang out !


Metro is a daytime diner, nighttime 18+ metro-kinda dance club and all-the-time place to meet your friends and have a great time. We're gonna be open for lunch at 12pm and run right thru 'til 2am. We are on the edge of downtown Kalamazoo ... and walking distance to WMU and Kzoo College. Current college IDs will get you a discount on food if ur hungry. It ain't free but it sure beats mystery-meat at the cafeteria !


Check out our menu and see the gallery of photos ... we'll keep you updated of our upcoming events and special discounts for 'regulars'. You can also let us know what you think Metro should be ... YOU'RE the most important opinion we have!


In the next year, we'll be adding even MORE space for a multi-table pool hall, a live music Cabaret for a variety of music styles and an expanded outdoor courtyard. Look for some live local music ... and some world travellin' bands to pass thru the Cabaret at Metro. Everything from rock and blues to (if people wanna hear it ... POLKA !) Don't dog me on the Polka comment. But beer and Polka can be fun .... Musically, we will have several different nights on the video dance floor ... techno/dance, pop, country and retro music will all be found at Metro regularly. We want to offer a variety so that everyone has a special night they just don't wanna miss at Metro.

Bragging Statistics

We have the coldest beer taps in towns with frosted taps . . We support equal rights